Outsourced Marketing Services

Outsourced Marketing Services

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Outsourced marketing services involve external upskilled specialists to handle various aspects of your company's marketing efforts. At Marketechy we stand for a strategic approach that allows B2B tech companies to benefit from industry insights and implement comprehensive marketing solutions without the need for in-house teams.
We offer:
Outsourced CMO
Let our outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) elevate your marketing strategy. Seasoned CMOs provide invaluable insights and strategic guidance, aligning your marketing efforts with your business objectives. Their innovative plans stem from a deep understanding of market trends and consumer behavior and foster overall brand growth.
Outsourced Marketing Team
Access a dedicated team of marketing experts without the overhead costs of building an in-house team. Our outsourced marketing teams have specialized skills and can take on everything from content creation to digital advertising. External specialists will ensure a cohesive and results-driven marketing approach.
Outsourcing Marketing Functions
Unburden your in-house team and focus on core competencies. Just delegate excessive marketing functions to Marketechy. Whether you need lead generation, social media management, or email marketing, our flexible solutions will meet your unique needs and deliver exceptional results.
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Outsourcing marketing services from Marketechy solves the following issues:

Insufficiency in in-house resources

Many businesses face resource constraints and cannot handle all marketing aspects internally. With outsourced marketing services, companies can tap into a wide range of skills and resources without burdening their in-house team.
The old and tested strategies don’t work as good as they used before

Traditional marketing strategies frequently go obsolete and ineffective within the constantly changing digital landscape. Marketechy stays at the forefront of industry trends, employing cutting-edge techniques to ensure your marketing efforts remain relevant and impactful.
There’s a need for a viable and cost-effective growth engine

Outsourcing marketing services from Marketechy offers a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking scalable growth. Avoiding the high costs of building an internal marketing team, you can focus on maximizing returns on investments.
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Outsourced marketing services allow tech companies to focus on their core competency, which is bringing out amazing products and services. Meanwhile, external marketers will manage the most burning issues that impede your marketing success and sustainable business growth.

Hiring an outsourced marketing team serves a couple of goals:

Fast-tracked implementation of new strategy
With Marketechy as your outsourced marketing partner, you can swiftly implement marketing solutions without the delays associated with hiring and training in-house teams.
Access to cutting-edge technologies
Outsourced marketing experts utilize a set of powerful analytics and automation tools that add precision to audience research and behavior tracking. Therefore, your marketing initiative will base on solid and diverse customer data.
Cost efficiency
Outsourcing marketing services eliminates additional overhead costs, making it a cost-efficient solution for achieving your marketing objectives.
Moving from tactics to strategy
Our strategic approach aligns marketing efforts with your overall business goals, driving sustainable growth and long-term success.
Metrics improvement
With Marketechy’s Outsourced Marketing Services, Expect the Improvement in the Following Metrics:
  • QOQ traffic growth
  • Leads quality increase
  • Leads volume increase
  • Target KPIs achievement (improved search visibility, CTR, cost per lead)
Depending on your marketing goals, you’ll start seeing actual results from our outsourced marketing services in 1-3 months.
Organic traffic growth
Top positions for ranking keywords from scratch
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How Do We Build an Outsourced Marketing Process?

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We begin by understanding your business objectives and marketing goals. Through in-depth discussions and analysis, we gain insights into your target audience, market positioning, and long-term vision.
Outsourced CMO conducts a comprehensive review of your in-house marketing team and existing marketing assets. This assessment helps us identify skill gaps and areas where outsourcing can add value.
Based on the review, we strategically allocate marketing responsibilities between your in-house team and our experts. This distribution ensures a harmonious workflow and optimized resource utilization.
We establish a seamless communication and project management process to facilitate collaboration between your team and ours. Utilizing cutting-edge marketing tools, we ensure efficient operations and transparent reporting.
With the process in place, our outsourced marketing team seamlessly integrates with your daily operations. We work closely with your team to execute marketing initiatives, monitor progress, and make data-driven adjustments as needed.

MarTech Tools That We Use for Best Outsourced Marketing Services

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