AI Marketing Services to Boost Your B2B Marketing Productivity

AI Marketing Services to Boost Your B2B Marketing Productivity

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Embrace the power of AI marketing to elevate your B2B marketing efforts. Marketechy’s AI-driven marketing enhances the efficiency of marketing routines while maintaining strong customer engagement.
We offer:
AI-Aided Copywriting
Leverage the prowess of AI-generated content to craft compelling and personalized messages that resonate with your audience. Our AI copywriting service ensures content that aligns seamlessly with your brand voice and drives meaningful interactions.
AI-Aided Social Media
Optimize your social media presence with AI-powered social media management. From content scheduling to sentiment analysis, our AI tools empower you to maximize engagement and nurture your social media community.
AI-Aided Ads Creatives
Create visually striking and high-performing ad creatives with AI assistance. Our AI-powered tools help you design eye-catching visuals and compelling ad copy that captivates your audience and boosts conversion rates.
Automated SEO Reports
Stay ahead of the competition with automated SEO reports that provide actionable insights to optimize your website's search engine performance. Our AI-powered SEO reports simplify data analysis and streamline your SEO strategy.
Boost your business by AI-aided marketing services
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At Marketechy, we design AI marketing strategies to fast-track your content, reporting, and creative efforts, while keeping them on-brand and on-target. Empower your marketing engine with time and cost-effective AI deliverables when:

Your marketing team is stretched too thin with their workload

AI marketing services can offload your team from repetitive tasks, freeing up time for strategic planning and creative initiatives.
Too much time and funds spent to put out large amounts of content

AI generation of text copy, creative ad images, and videos accelerates content production. Thus you can bring out quality content at scale, saving time and resources.
It Takes Time to Get Ad Creatives Polished

AI-generated ad creatives expedite the design process, enabling you to quickly create and iterate visually appealing ads that yield better results.
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AI marketing helps tech B2B companies by enabling data-driven insights, personalized customer experiences, and automated processes, leading to increased efficiency, better targeting, and improved ROI in their marketing efforts.

With Marketechy’s AI marketing services, you can derive such benefits as:

Increased marketing workflows
AI streamlines marketing processes, enabling your team to manage tasks more efficiently, execute campaigns precisely, and stay on schedule.
Reduced cost for ad creatives and text content
With AI-generated content and ad creatives, we produce, you can significantly cut production costs while maintaining quality.
Faster adoption of minor corrections and edits
AI allows for swift revisions, empowering marketers to make real-time adjustments and regenerate pieces of content.
Scalability of content marketing
AI-powered content creation and distribution ensure scalability, so you can easily expand your content marketing efforts.
Metrics improvement
With Marketechy’s AI Marketing Services, Expect the Improvement in the Following Metrics:
  • Time to publication decrease
  • Increased volume of content and posts
  • Marketing spend decrease (monthly/quarterly)
Depending on your marketing goals and the type of AI-aided marketing services you need, you’ll start seeing actual results from our AI Marketing services since the first month.
Organic traffic growth
Top positions for ranking keywords from scratch
Pages visited per organic traffic session
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Marketechy Copywriting Services Process

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We specify your marketing objectives and KPIs for the upcoming campaigns to tailor our AI strategies to your needs.
We choose and set up the AI tools and integrate them with spreadsheets or marketing automation platforms. It ensures alignment with your business processes, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems.
We define your brand's voice, messaging, and relevant keywords to instruct AI bots and maintain brand consistency.
Before deployment, our team conducts a thorough human review of AI-generated content to ensure its coherence with your brand guidelines and audience’s intent.
The content could then be published directly by our team or sent to your team for publication.
Since every content piece serves certain purposes, we start tracking relevant metrics once the content gets published to ensure it performs as planned and optimize for better results when needed.

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