Overcoming Challenges in a Conservative Market: A Marketing Strategy to Grow Lead Base and Improve the Conversion
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Overcoming Challenges in a Conservative Market: A Marketing Strategy to Grow Lead Base and Improve the Conversion

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September 10, 2020
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When it comes to developing a digital marketing strategy for a new client, as a commended award-winning agency, Marketechy always starts with a comprehensive analysis.
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Firstly, we consider their business goals, the existing sales and marketing funnel, ICP (ideal customer profile), the current versus the desired target audience, the market niche, and the industry trends. These last two areas are especially important when we’re working on introducing an innovative product to the more traditional, conservative market.

This was precisely the case with one of our Australian clients in the Legal services area.

Business Challenges in a Traditionally Conservative Legal Market

Our client’s primary target audience was B2C: individuals who require legal consultation or a legal document template. There were a couple of issues with this kind of service model that our customer faced:

  • The majority of consultation or documents purchases were a one-time purchase;
  • Low average purchase value;
  • Seasonality;
  • High time and resources consumption with relatively low ROI.

Since the purchasers’ questions and requests were frequently similar or repetitive, automating at least a part of the service should have helped decrease the time & efforts spent while improving the overall productivity. Moreover, even in the most conventional law firms, the use of technology is increasing globally, so the client’s company wanted to catch up with the trends.

Deloitte’s Global Research Study on Future Technology Use in Global Services

However, the B2C target audience demonstrated a considerably low adoption of the new service model, and the customer’s go to market plan got blocked.

Market Research for Root-Cause Analysis: Why Did It Happen and What Funnel Improvements Are Needed?

After thorough research of the target audience, funnel, competitors, purchasers’ feedback, the local market, and all the existing marketing & conversion channels, Marketechy identified a couple of critical blockers to be addressed in the digital marketing & business development strategy:

  • The demographics of the target market were mostly seniors 55+, so the digital channels preferred by the client’s company were frequently inefficient.
  • The semi-automated self-service process was challenging to understand, and the majority of leads would drop off at the first couple of steps.
  • The low level of transparency in process caused equally low level of trust for the service offered.

Strategic Marketing Plan: Priorities, Goals, and Actions

The Marketing Strategy developed by Marketechy included both the digital and the traditional marketing parts, as well as the action plans to counter all those blockers identified and improve many additional areas:

  • Increase the overall number of leads
  • Improve the conversion
  • Increase the average purchase value
  • Provide an opportunity for returning customers
  • Improve the ROI

The achieve these improvements, Marketechy set up the following goals:

Strategic Goal #1: Scale the Target Audience

  • B2C
  • Change the message and value proposition to target a broader and younger audience in addition to the existing ICP
  • Add offline and more traditional marketing channels to reach the current Target Audience
  • B2B:
  • additionally, target a niche B2B Legal Market with a sub-offering
This is where Marketechy steps in to develop a plan of work tailored to your growth marketing, metrics, and budget.
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Strategic Goal #2: Improve Conversion & ROI

  • Explanatory content action plan, including video guides, FAQs, blogs, tutorials, etc.
  • Added value: downloadable/print-ready self-help manuals, checklists, infographics, etc.
  • Website structure & conversion path improvement action plan
  • Funnel and conversion path improvements for all inbound and outbound channels to avoid losing the leads.

Strategic Goal #3: Encourage Return Customers

  • Customer loyalty program
  • Referral program
  • Purchasers on-boarding & communication strategies
  • Capturing feedback & Testimonials plan

Strategy Implementation: Channels & Content Preparing, Technical SEO & UX Fixes

At Marketechy, in addition to marketing strategy development, we also offer strategy implementation or stand-alone marketing campaign services. Usually, the service package is different per each customer depending on what channels or housekeeping activities they prefer to outsource, as well as on their in-house expertise. The level of our agency’s involvement could also vary from fully owning a channel or a program (i.e. Blogging, Social Media, PPC, etc.), to training the client’s in-house specialists for independent operations.  

In this case, it was a combined approach where Marketechy helped the client with critical fixes and pre-campaign preparations in a number of areas:

  • Google Analytics setup
  • Messaging
  • SEO analysis and keywords selection
  • Brief keyword-rich services description per target audience
  • Educational / explanatory content preparation
  • FAQs content
  • Video guides
  • Visual guides
  • Website
  • Technical SEO fixes
  • Navigation fixes list
  • Links fixes list
  • UX fixes list
  • Conversion path fixes list
  • Submission forms fixes
  • On-site payment system implementation (Stripe integration setup)
  • Design
  • Banners
  • Ads
  • Newsletters
  • Subscription setup
  • Lists setup
  • Newsletters design
  • Social Media
  • Accounts setup fixes
  • Marketing, educational, and inspirational content for social media

As a result, the client had full control over the elements of the Strategic Marketing Plan that they wanted to outsource or keep in house, on-demand support for the areas where they needed more expertise or faster delivery, and a transparent service request/deliverables approval process.


We don’t get enough leads”, and “We need better conversion rates” are among the most common business issues that our customers contact us with. However, in all the years we’ve been in marketing — both as a part of in-house teams or as external experts — we’ve never seen these issues to be caused by exactly the same reasons for different companies.

Some businesses suffer from broken down lead capturing processes, some lack proper followup with inbound leads, while others might be focusing on an overly wide or an overly narrow Target Audience. The list could go on and on. In addition, these are frequently exacerbated with technical, user experience, or misconfigured martech software issues. And the severity of impact of these issues would also differ.

That is why there’s no digital marketing silver bullet or a ready-made lead growing recipe that would be efficient for your company. Every effective strategy, including the Marketing one, starts with a root cause analysis/audit, followed by prioritizing the impact of identified issues, and cataloging the existing resources. This way, you can not only see the gaps, but also immediately understand which are quick fixes, and where you need to allocate more resources.

As your digital marketing partner, Marketechy can help both with strategic and the operational part. Contact us for a quick complimentary high level SEO check, and let’s take it from there.

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