Case Study: Six Weeks to Achieve 27.7% Conversion Growth and +49.5% CPC Reduction
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Case Study: Six Weeks to Achieve 27.7% Conversion Growth and +49.5% CPC Reduction

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March 3, 2023
Team Marketechy
In just 6 weeks after the project start, CPC was lowered by 49,5%, while the conversions grew by 27.7%.
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The project was started mid-July with the revision of customer's existing campaigns and creating the plan for optimization & further activities.The plan was approved in early August when the first optimization activities started. In addition to old campaigns optimization, the following campaigns were added:

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This is where Marketechy steps in to develop a plan of work tailored to your growth marketing, metrics, and budget.
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  1. Remarketing campaigns
  2. New countries
  3. Custom intent audiences
  4. Mobile traffic campaigns
Marketechy helps us with our digital marketing needs such as SEO, paid acquisition, content marketing, and design. Marketechy understands the projects that we give them and they have been great to work with. Basically, Marketechy has a fantastic project management process.Marketechy has been able to provide unique insights whenever we have initiative or projects. Whenever we ask them for clarifications or solutions, they go deeper and bring a lot of ideas to the table. - Says David Bonilla, the Growth Marketer of Flatfile.
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