Your Personal Digital Marketing Consultant

Your Personal Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Consultant
Strategic Marketing Consulting provides B2B CEOs and COOS with expertise and data-driven plans for marketing. It involves in-depth market research, goal setting, and the creation of targeted plans to achieve marketing objectives. With marketing consultancy, businesses can effortlessly navigate the competitive landscape and obtain sustainable growth.
Our strategic marketing consultancy includes:
Strategic Market Research
We run thorough market research on your industry, target audience, and competitors. Thus, we discover how to shape your marketing strategy by analyzing market trends and consumer behavior.
Growth Marketing Strategy Development & Consulting
Our consultants tailor a growth marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals. We identify growth opportunities through data-driven insights and industry expertise and formulate a roadmap to achieve sustainable results. Additional ongoing consulting to ensure smooth implementation of the new strategy.
Lead Generation Consulting
Steady stream of qualified leads becomes reality with our lead generation consulting. We provide a deep analysis of your target audience and market landscape to devise result-oriented strategies that pull leads into the sales funnels.
Digital Presence Consulting
Thanks to our digital presence consulting services, you’ll enhance your brand’s visibility and authority across various digital platforms. From website optimization to social media engagement, we provide strategic guidance to improve your online reputation and expand your reach.
Boost your business by Requesting a Strategic Marketing Consultancy
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Why Requesting a Strategic Marketing Consultancy? Marketechy’s service can solve the following issues:

The absent or inconsistent marketing plan

Consult with a strategic marketing specialist, so they will provide you with well-laid plans. Therefore, your marketing activities will align with your business objectives, ensuring a clear path to success.
Poor performance of a current marketing plan

We conduct thorough audits, identify areas of improvement, and optimize existing strategies to help you succeed with every aspect of digital advertising.
An overstrain in operational management

Focus on core operations while delegating strategic planning to Marketechy’s experts. We’llWe’ll handle the complexities of marketing and deliver you from headaches.
Many investment options but no clue about the sure wins

We provide data-backed insights to help you make informed decisions and invest in the most promising marketing channels.
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In today's competitive landscape of the B2B tech market, having a well-defined and data-driven marketing strategy is crucial for success. Digital marketing consultants bring expertise, experience, and fresh perspectives to help businesses stay ahead of their competition.

Cooperation with a digital marketing consultant allows you to:

Refresh the business growth ideas
Our consultants bring fresh vision and innovative ideas to revitalize and supercharge your growth strategy.
Determine the most promising marketing possibilities
We identify high-potential marketing opportunities for bringing in qualified leads, nurturing them, and converting them into loyal customers.
Streamlining operations for long-term success
By optimizing marketing processes and automating repetitive tasks, your business model becomes efficient and sustainable.
Fast goal fulfillment
Research-driven and result-oriented plans drive instant progress in marketing and sales.
What Deliverables We Offer
  • Weak spots & strengths analysis report
  • Digital presence report
  • Competitor analysis report
  • Market demand report
  • Growth strategy & quarterly action plans
Depending on your content goals and the type of content you need, you’ll start seeing actual results from Digital Marketing Consultant
Organic traffic growth
Top positions for ranking keywords from scratch
Pages visited per organic traffic session
Case studies
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Marketechy Strategic Marketing Consulting Process

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We begin by understanding your specific business objectives and long-term goals. By gaining insights into your unique value proposition and target market, we lay the foundation for a strategic marketing plan.
Our team analyzes your current marketing efforts and assesses your existing marketing assets. This research helps us identify areas of improvement and leverage existing strengths to maximize marketing outcomes.
Based on our research and analysis, we develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals. Our strategic approach encompasses a mix of digital and traditional marketing tactics customized to meet your unique needs.
We provide detailed consulting on a marketing strategy implementation, offering guidance on best practices, timelines, and resource allocation. Our goal is to ensure a seamless execution that maximizes the impact of the marketing plan.
For businesses seeking to develop in-house marketing capabilities, we offer optional training sessions to equip your team with the necessary skills and knowledge.
We continuously monitor and report on the performance of the marketing initiatives. It helps us optimize your marketing strategy to keep it scalable and profitable.

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