Conversion Rate and Funnel Optimization in August 2021
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Conversion Rate and Funnel Optimization in August 2021

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September 7, 2021
Team Marketechy
Your website traffic does not result in conversions? Most likely, your conversion funnel needs optimization.
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We’ve gathered the latest expert advice on:

  • Conversion funnel optimization,
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO),
  • UX tips for better conversion rates,
  • Software for building efficient sales funnels,
  • and more!

Read on to turn more website visitors into your loyal customers.

Stats & General Overview

What is a conversion funnel in web analytics? Conversion rate optimization starts with this primary question, so we included the Everything You Need to Know About Conversion Funnel Optimization article from Business2Community, which presents the average stats of the marketing funnel:

  • from 100% of the total website or landing page sessions – >
  • 43.8 percent of visitors continue to sessions with product page view – >
  • then 14.5 percent of them make add-to-cart sessions, and – >
  • only 3.3 percent of the total number of visitors complete the purchase. Thus, the website conversion rate in the example is 3.3%.

How-To: Conversion Rate Optimization: A 10 Step-By-Step Guide to Boosting Conversions

For ones who like step-by-step instructions, we found one for conversion rate optimization in the Conversion Rate Optimization: A 10 Step-By-Step Guide to Boosting Conversions article by Alexander Radani on UX Planet. Do you already use any of these for your CRO?

  1. Define the goals of the conversion rate on your landing page.
  2. Collect and analyze visitor data to boost the conversion rate on your website.
  3. Perform competitor analysis can boost the conversion rate.
  4. Create a compelling and clear value proposition.
  5. Create a sales funnel.
  6. Analyze your conversion funnel. Find mistakes and fields for conversion funnel optimization.
  7. Optimize your website’s most important pages.
  8. Address and dispel objections on landing pages.
  9. Gain confidence with social proof and testimonials.
  10. Eliminate any distractions from your sales funnel.

Improvements: Cultivating Success in Conversion Funnel Optimization:

There is definitely something in your marketing funnel evaluation that you haven’t considered; at least, this is what Mark Aronoff says in his Full-Funnel Optimization: Cultivating Success article for Multichannel Merchant.

Here are his tips for conversion rate optimization:

  • Break Down Data Silos,
  • Define and Choose Your Target Audience,
  • Create Measurable Goals,
  • Test and Measure Your Progress.
By equipping your teams with the knowledge, technology, and skills needed to gain complete control over their data-driven campaigns, examining your funnel holistically will become second nature. This will bring a wealth of benefits.
This is where Marketechy steps in to develop a plan of work tailored to your growth marketing, metrics, and budget.
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Conversion Rate Optimization for B2B

The sales process in B2B is about multiple visits from potential customers before they make their final purchase. Austin Peachey in his video and article for  MOZ, prompts four ideas areas for Conversion Rate Optimization for B2B, and here is his advice:

  • Optimize CTR,
  • Know your audience,
  • Solve for poor UX,
  • Test everything.

You’ve noticed the recurring theme with all the tips, right? It’s the need to make your website or landing page easy to use. No pop-ups, enough loading speed, and clean request forms are fundamental to decreasing your cart abandonment rate. Be creative in your CTAs, go beyond Contact Us, or Learn More. Put the actual benefit you offer and specific facts about your business proposition into the CTA. Or just try to shake up the reader, keeping in mind that managers from the smallest to the C-Level can visit your site.

And for all decisions to be valid, check your changes in customer rate optimization in Google Analytics and other systems. Test hypotheses, ways of formulating the things, colors of buttons, fields for shopping cart numbers, etc. Finally, conclude each phase of trying to improve the CRO:

What can you learn from these tests to make other further improvements in the future? Remember, the only failed test is one where you don’t learn anything.

Wise UX Design for Conversion Funnel Optimization

We’ve mentioned the importance of UX a lot, so here’s a list of UX mistakes to avoid: Avoid These UX Mistakes in Your Conversion Funnel, by UX Apply, with specific recommendations on:

  • CTA Placement,
  • Dedicated Landing Pages,
  • Mobile-Responsive Design,
  • Attention Span,
  • Goal-Oriented Visual Design.
With some mindful planning, set up your analytics and testing structure and get to know your visitors. Making their journey as simple and comfortable as possible will ultimately get you ahead of the game and help you achieve your business goals.

What Is The Problem with Podcast Marketing Funnels?

Podcasts occupy the top positions among popular types of content, and the conversion of potential customers into customers after listening to podcasts may well be called a podcast marketing funnel. Although, Evo Terra considers the funnel metaphor to be wrong in terms of podcasts and explains the point of view in his podcast The Problem with Podcast Marketing Funnels.

The most significant difficulty of the podcast marketing funnel highlighted here is the unpredictability of listener behavior. Clarity and consistency are a must To influence it and make conversion funnel optimization possible. Whether the person saw your link for the first time, whether it was thrown to them by advertising or an algorithm, whether they started listening from the first or subsequent audio on the channel–it must be apparent where they got, who is talking, and what’s the essence. And, of course, what’s worth doing after listening.

“Setting up a successful podcast marketing funnel is by no means a quick fix. And what works for a SaaS company may not work for your podcast. So as I say often, choose how to spend your time wisely.”

9 Best Sales Funnels Builders and Software in 2021

We’re finishing the overview with the tips on selecting software assistants in conversion funnel optimization. Here is the list of 9 Best Sales Funnels Builders and Software in 2021 by Mageplaza:

So, this was our August overview on Conversion Funnel Optimization. Don’t forget to like and share the blog post if it was helpful for you. Thanks for reading, and tell us what kind of tips you’d like to see in the upcoming September review. Otherwise, contact us for a more detailed conversation.

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