2022 Digital Marketing Trends: What’s New?
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2022 Digital Marketing Trends: What’s New?

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December 31, 2021
Team Marketechy
The last two years accelerated digital transformation, launching the potent ‘everything online’ and ‘everything remote’ trends.
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With innovative digital marketing booming, marketing professionals are on the verge of breakthroughs powered by real-time data, analyzing the metrics of previous strategies, and incorporating technological innovations into the process.

This article will consider the emerging and worthwhile digital marketing trends in the era of artificial intelligence, discuss the growing replacement of live customer communication with remote communication practices, and outline a plan for your digital marketing promotions in 2022.

2022 Digital Marketing Trend #1: Even More Automation

What Marketing Automation in 2022 Is Going to Be Like?

If you’re familiar with digital marketing strategies, you’ve learned the benefits of marketing automation by heart, with time and effort saving topping a long list of such advantages as improved personalization, instant trigger-based communications, and more.

Having experienced all these advantages, marketing managers are going to use even more automation capabilities while creating a seamless user experience. In 2022, the biggest trends in online marketing automation are AI-powered copywriting, intent-driven automation, and some emerging advertising trends that are still only visible on the horizon.

Intent-Powered Automation

The power of connected networks forces manufacturers and marketers to evolve towards enhanced connectivity. According to the Global Industry Vision research by Huawei company, by 2025, there will be 100 billion connections worldwide. The Internet will be available to 77 percent of the world’s population, 75 percent of homes will enjoy broadband connections, and 80 percent of people will have mobile phones. Using intelligent networks as communication channels enables faster decisions and the ability to ongoing improvements.

2022 Digital Marketing Trend #2: Creative AI

AI-Powered Influencer Marketing

The growth of the market for Influencer Marketing led to an increase in its prices, as well as the risk of unjustified investments. Accuracy and predictability in the field can only be achieved with technology and metrics. Artificial Intelligence is very useful here, with specialized AI-Powered influencer marketing platforms for comprehensive influencer marketing projects management or separate tools for mining social data or predicting influencer engagement. Why would you go for AI instead of the good old human-managed process? It’s exactly AI’s better predicting ability and tracking functionality.

AI Messengers Marketing

Modern chatbots have very little in common with standardized and predetermined sets of answers of the past. But AI-powered technologies can analyze the incoming requests and deliver different answers, according to the situation.

The top chatbot and virtual assistant trends for 2022 are:

  1. Customized chatbot services to streamline businesses,
  2. Time savings due to virtual assistants,
  3. Multilingual chatbots,
  4. Chatbots becoming more ‘human’ as a result of continuous interaction,
  5. Chatbots on social media and in recruitment,
  6. Low-code chatbots.

Most consumers interact with chatbots today, and for 2022 the trend is supposed to spread further.

AI-Powered Copywriting

While some research argues that people are reading less and less text and even suggests reading web pages to be a myth, extensive and high-quality text content brings sites and blogs to the top of search results to reach potential customers. That is why businesses today need more content than ever before, and that is why AI comes to help.

The cutting-edge tools advance content marketing strategy. They streamline the writing process, provide solutions for writers to enhance their creativity and cope with writing block, and even generate actual writing by themself. For example, Copy.ai gives you a start piece of content after you enter a short explanation of the topic and the goal of the text. Closerscopy helps write long-form unique content in short term. If you’re interested in more AI copywriting tools, read about 15 of them.

AI-Powered Changes in Advertising

Real-time communication. As 71% of the customers want businesses to communicate with them in real-time, AI is here to help with its programmed replies based on the incoming data from the previous requests.

Better conversion rates. Artificial intelligence not only makes it easier to categorize audiences but also results in much better conversion rates. Research by Deloitte shows that 73% of AI adopters believe AI is crucial to their business today. Meanwhile, 64% said AI technologies enable them to become leaders of the competition.

AI will keep personalization even when cookie files are gone. Due to the ability to recognize patterns of the target audience, AI-based advertising will be no less effective than identity-based advertising.

2022 Digital Marketing Trend #3: Hybrid SEO

Organic SEO as its pure kind is long gone. And hybrid SEO, one of the biggest trends in online marketing, combines different kinds of SEO tactics and incorporates SEO into a cross-channel marketing strategy.  The term hybrid SEO originated with an emphasis on a comprehensive approach, as opposed to specialized kinds of SEO (local SEO, technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO). It combines local and national SEO tactics with a custom daily social media campaign strategy. A hybrid SEO campaign could also combine varied SEO activities with related fields such as CRO (conversion rate optimization), content marketing, and more.

Today, there are more search options than text, pictures, and video. So let’s look at voice search analytics and social media search in the context of hybrid SEO.

Voice Search Analytics

With the increasing need for multitasking, voice search volumes rapidly grow. Voice search assistants are becoming one of the biggest trends in online marketing. People use them on mobile devices, smart speakers, etc. The research shows that 55% of Americans will have smart speakers at home by 2022, and another one constitutes that 71% of people in the USA prefer voice search to other search opportunities as of today. Voice-activated systems help drivers, enable faster search for busy parents or get instant search results without dropping of the business processes.

“Voice commerce” brought online shopping to the new level of UX. And with the language of numbers, Juniper Research estimates the revenue from voice ads to reach $19 billion by 2022. Quite a compelling argument to use voice apps for your business in 2022, isn’t it?

Social Media Search

Separate searches for each social network are a thing of the past. Modern tools help your social media marketing with accurate and detailed search results. They help:

  1. Find relevant content,
  2. Track the competitors’ activity,
  3. Set customized searches through Google,
  4. Perform hashtag social media search,
  5. Monitor brand reputation, and more.

While social media have embedded search functionality, the results are often not so great, so it might take a couple of tweaks and attempts to optimize your content for the best search results on every social platform.

This is where Marketechy steps in to develop a plan of work tailored to your growth marketing, metrics, and budget.
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2022 Digital Marketing Trend #4: Hybrid Everything, Basically

Hybrid events — the combination of online and offline customer communications with great flexibility. They became not only a way to adapt to the changeable conditions of quarantine, but also a fundamentally new outlet for two types of audiences at the same time. Such ambivalence places high demands on planning event advertising: one must not only motivate people to come but also keep everyone who follows the preparations and the event online engaged. The organization of communication, collecting feedback, and personal data should be set up brilliantly for all visitors, onsite and virtual. And an in-depth prior analysis of your target audience should give you knowledge of the needs of both types of visitors, and the key to meeting them. Reaching the visitors will also differ strategically. For example, invite C-level attendees to your virtual event first: they may be interested, but too busy to come in person. It’s not an easy way, but statistics say you can get a positive ROI from a properly organized hybrid event for more than 90% during a year.

Nonprofits as business opportunities — strengthening brand’s reputation through a partnership with a non-profit organization that professes the principles of sustainability, environmental protection, and social responsibility. If the integrity of values is real, the combination of innovative digital marketing with social media marketing in such an alliance will yield great results.

Influencer marketing can accelerate the process and take it to the next level.

2022 Digital Marketing Trend #5: Focused and Consistent Marketing Strategy

Of course, the investments and efforts cannot be guided by a random impulse. No matter how great an idea, a new tool, or a new approach sounds, before you jump into starting a new campaign or project, ask yourself:

  • What’s your Target Audience’s presence on a new channel?
  • What are the metrics or estimates you could use to calculate your ROI? Is the investment worth it?
  • Do you have enough resources to take on a new project? If not, which of the current low-performers could be canceled instead?
  • How long is the learning process? Can you implement the new campaign without months-long training or a new hire? And when do you expect to see results?
  • Does it align with your brand image?
  • How does the innovation align with the existing plan, strategies, assets, budget, etc.?
  • Which other running campaigns could it enhance and strengthen? Where would they unnecessarily overlap?

A consistent “digital shell” of your business represents not only the product or service but also your approach to production, communication, attitudes, and beliefs. It’s not just about the “tone of voice of the brand”. Every point of contact with the audience and absolutely every form of online presence and, accordingly, content, need to be consistent. All mentions of you, all public relations and partnerships, all events in your field become part of your cross-channel marketing strategy. Modern automation tools make working with data flows and analytics convenient and practical. You are responsible to ensure the consistency of those instant messages.

A Wise Content Strategy and Its Implementation with a Trusted Digital Partner

Trends and innovations require a comprehensive approach to become effective for business. With more than ten years in digital marketing, the Marketechy team covers all its touchpoints, including strategic consulting, SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM, copywriting, message development, branding, blog management, and web design. We keep our hands on the pulse of advertising trends to bring you the best strategic solutions.
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